Download the Telfie Birds app for iPhone, iPad and Android

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Telfie Birds is now available in the App Stores.

The app Telfie Birds features new graphics and upgrades from the old classic Pixel design. To raise the fun, your bird is flying through an awesome new world.

Are you really the one to beat the high scores of your friends? Prove it and download Telfie Birds. Share your high score on Twitter and Facebook to impress your friends and enemies!

Telfie Birds is completely free to play, but there are optional in-app purchases available to remove ads. Either way, get ready to through the pipes without crushing into the pipes with your telfie bird!

Telfie Birds

Telfie Birds app for iPhone/iPad: Download now

Telfie Birds app for Android: Download now

Telfie Birds App for Android

The Telfie Birds: Telfie Birds app is available for Android in the Google Play Store.

Telfie Birds android

Telfie Birds App for iOS

The Telfie Birds app is available for iOS in the Apple App Store.

Telfie Birds ios
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